Online Coaching

Personalized workout plans, diets, weekly updates, daily support, progress analysis, statistics, full calendar of activities and much more. This service is totally hand crafted and tailored to your specific needs by natural fitness expert Fred Chevry.

Online Coaching

Can I sign up without a credit card?

You don’t need a credit card to sign up for PayPal, which is our preferred method of payment. You can create a free account and link a regular debit card or bank account.

Visit to sign up for a free PayPal account.

What happens after I sign up?

Once subscription is confirmed, you will receive an email with an activation link for your online coaching client dashboard. Detailed instructions will be waiting for you as soon as you log into your client dashboard.

Note that it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive the activation link email.

What do I receive exactly?

Here’s what’s included for all Online Coaching clients

  • Customized Workout Plan (fully updated every 4 weeks)
  • Personalized Meal Plan (updated depending on your progress)
  • Weekly Follow Up and Program Updates
  • 7 Days Support
  • Mobile App (messaging system, progress graph, exercises demos, schedule, goal setting & stats)

Everything you receive is 100% custom and adapted to your needs. All programs are made by Fred Chevry.